Gertrud a fashion house was established in 1991 in Tel aviv by Neta Tevet and Ruth Milgrom.

Gertrud design focused on feminine romantic fashion, a special attention is given to a linegerie line, along side the linegerie line, ertrud present each year tow more collection, a casual line and an evening wear collection, these two collection influence as well from the language of linegerie vintage romantic look.

Gertrud, as a principle use mainly natural fabrics, and focused on comfortable and flattering fashion. in house designers- Shira Shir and Bella Gonshorovitz

225 Dizengof St. tel aviv tel:03-5467747,

44a Osishkine St. Ramat Hashron tel:03-5473684

Bait herut tel: 09-8665716

'little gertrud' letout butiqe 77 Freishman St Tel Aviv, tel: 03-5239902

Studio, 14 Menahem Begine St. Tel Aviv. tel:03-6399586, fax:03-6399583